Micro Experiences: Tours under specific topics

 El Toledo Coffee Family business is adapting to the world wide circumstances.

We are now open to offering different types of Micro learning experiences or Tours under specific topics. 

Starting from the experience of 15 years sharing with visitors that arrived on the farm, and adapting to nowadays COVID 19 Protocols, El Toledo Coffee Family is now changing to continue offering our experience in a safe way. 

Please: if you have a cold or caugh don't come. Send us a note and we will understand why you have to cancel

Topics available: {You choose ONE topic that you are intererested the most}

(Each topic last 60 minuts MAX and they have different prices) during pandemic people can only choose one of them.

  1. Coffee brewing experience: if you want to start paying closer attention of how brew your own coffee and derails that make a difference in how you would enjoy it!! This is the right choice.
  2. Coffee farming and process: this is the showing of the fields and plants and how we produce in harmony with nature as well as how we process the beans
  3. Coffee and it's bad side. And how to avoid being part of it: if you want to consider hearing about the down side of coffee and how badly it can be done so you can be more responsible as a consumer, this should be very interesting for you. 
  4. Ethics of permaculture to apply in live: living in this world has become very different in the last 70 years. So it is showing us there are lots of things we do wrong. Nobody is perfect. That's why we have to learn what to do to be part of this world and reduce our footprint so our kids can continue enjoying such as beautiful world. 
  5. Coffee wine Tour and tasting: A very quick tour of the farm explaining the permaculture style of farming and the process. And a wine tasting of the different types of wine we produce on the farm.
  6. A touch of everything: (the price for this experience is different): if you are not a big fun of listening &  prefer a quickly explanation but preffer to experience and see the most as possible maybe this is your option. 
How to book it?
We will make an appointment in a convinient time for both. 

You can contact us with an email or whatsapp or messanger
Available only with reservation

 We will charge you with a payment link. 
Thank you for letting us share what we do.


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